My thoughts: Dan Brown’s Inferno

Image: DAn Brown's "Inferno"

Once again, Mr Brown came back to us with yet another suspense-packed novel featuring Prof Robert Langdon.

I have nothing but praises for this novel as it left me hanging on every single word, unwilling to put down the book until I finally finished it. And sure enough, I stayed up till 2am last night just to reach page 611, widely amazed by the multitudes of twists Brown had cleverly weaved into the story.

The front portion of the novel is much like its predecessors in the series, filled with the mysteries of symbology and art history. That just made me want to find out more about Dante’s Florence and his inspirations for the great works he produced then. To be honest, I was quite petrified by the vivid description of Dante’s 9 circles of hell and the fact that I started the book late at night simply did not help. However, it was precisely because of Brown’s detailed description and analysis of Dante’s work that made me want to continue reading and find out how Langdon skillfully navigated himself out of the mess he woke up to.

The story then continues into very well orchestra-ed chase of Langdon and his  latest female companion all around Florence, Italy, then Venice and finally Istanbul. The whole chase was filled with suspense and even more mystery surrounding Dante’s Divine Comedy and his life work. In fact, I think I might actually want to get a copy of that and start reading it as well!

The antagonist of this novel is none other than Bertrand Zobrist, a well known leader of the trans-humanitarian movement as stated in the book. I love how Brown was able to cleverly explore areas of religion and science in all his novels. This novel was particularly a thought provoking read for me as I was very much into science and biology in my high school days. I was brought back to my schooling days and started to ponder deeply about how overpopulation was indeed a very serious problem and the world has yet to fully grasp. Nonetheless, I do not endorse Zobrist’s methods. Primum non nocere.

All in all, I do highly recommend Inferno to anyone who’s looking for a thrill-packed, action novel that is just as good as a summer movie boxoffice hit (: